• Cold Drip HG6335 Rocket

Cold Drip HG6335 Rocket

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COLD DRIPS WILL IMPROVE YOUR COFFEE KNOWLEDGE AND IMPRESS YOUR CUSTOMERS/FRIENDS: The idea behind the slow cold brewing method is to experience the coffee flavors without the tannins, bitterness and astringency that you usually get from a hot and fast brew, while still extracting the chocolate, citrus and fruity notes. The coffee react differently in the chemical bond between hot and cold water and these tools will make you discover the different aspects of the coffee flavours that you could not pick trough hot water brews. These elegant coffee makers use the classic cold-drip method to produce a full-flavored cold drip coffee. Store your extraction in the fridge and drink neat in a cold glass or over ice, perfect for a hot morning or afternoon. Our cold drippers are made of tempered glass of the highest quality. They are manufactured in Taiwan and we are the only distributors of this brand in Australia. This one produces about 10 cups at the time, it fits up to 1 lt of water at the top. The size of the cold drip is 105by40by40 cm, the frame is made out of metal, the glass is shaped to perfection and it look absolutely amazing and futuristic. Inspection is welcome and highly recommended. The unit is sold complete, paper filter and metal filters are included, everything you need to operate the cold drip is in the box!