• Pesado Portafilter Naked Handle Black Rubber

Pesado Portafilter Naked Handle Black Rubber

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The PESADO coffee machine Portafilter has been designed to optimise efficiency and durability. The body is made entirely of stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage.

The "naked" head exposes the bottom of your basket, allowing you to diagnose any channeling or issues with your shot. When you get the perfect extraction, you will see the true beauty forming before your eyes.

This portafilter does not need to be soaked in chemicals. The stainless steel body means a simple soft wash in warm soapy water at the end of the day will keep your portafilter fresh and clean.

All anodized aluminum handles have been machined with the most advanced tools for absolute precision with a smooth finish and a uniquely crafted colour code. All portafilters fitted with these handles have exactly the same weight.(An important feature for precise weighing and dosing)